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Sequenced Math Help Games

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Arithmetic Teaching Fun - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Order of Operations:
Addition Themes:  Soccer Addition  Baseball Addition  Basketball Addition  Tennis Addition
  Find part of a Sum   Given Sums to 21   Add 3 numbers
Vertical Addition (2-digit numbers):   Add Two   Add Three   Add Four
Subtraction :  (digits 1-9)   (digits 0-20)   Add & Subtract
Vertical Subtraction :  (2-digit numbers)     Place Value
Multiply 2x  3x  4x  5x  6x  7x  8x  9x  10x  11x  12x
Multiplication Tables :  7by7  12by12    1Digit x 2Digits  2Digits x 2Digits
Divide L-D1   Long Division 2018   Order of Operations Add-Mult L-1  Subt-Mult L-2  Add-Div L-3

Fun Math Help Games - Rounding, Percent, Tax, Integers, Powers, Bar Graphs, Substitution:
Round 10s  100s  Percent 100%50%25%  100%10%1%  1%to12%  Tax 1%to12%  Tax Total  Discount
Integers Add  Subtract  Multiply  Divide  4 Ops   Powers & Exponents L-E1  L-E2  L-E3  L-E4  L-E5  L-E6
Square Roots Cube Roots 4th Roots    Prancing Prisms   Football Game Bar Graphs   Hockey Substitution

Fun Help Teaching Math - Decimals, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Distance, Speed, Time:
Decimal Add  Multiply1  Multiply2  Divide  Rounding Decimals  Tenths Hundredths
Word Problems:  Perimeter  Area   Volume=LWH  V1  V2   Distance  Speed  Time  DST
Extending Patterns:  Shape+Size  Shape+Colour  Shape+Size+Colour  Number Sequences
Venn Diagrams   Subsets   Arithmetic Mean   Range Mean Median Mode

English Literacy Teaching Help:
Name Numbers   T 1to12   T 10to20   T 20to100     Name the Colour   T-CL1     Farm Animals   T-FA1
Math Shapes   T-SH1    Days of the Week   T-D1    Months of the Year   T-M1    Opposite Words   T-OP1
Nouns A-L   T-N1     Nouns L-Z   T-N2     More Opposites   T-OP2     Complete a Sentence T-S1
More Sentences T-S2    Reading Comprehension:  Throwing Stones  Fingers & Forks
Working Memory Pairs    Working Memory Triples    Memory Squad
Grammar:  Nouns Verbs Articles  Pronouns  Adjectives Adverbs  Verb Forms
Singular+Plural  Subject+Verb+Prepositions  Sentence Fragments  Object of a Verb

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